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Introducing Community Mode!

September 26th, 2019

San Francisco is our home. For the last 7 years, we’ve lived here, played here, and made it easier for our friends to get around.

And since day one, we have made a commitment of respect to the communities we serve. This sense of respect is taken into consideration with every product update and new in-app feature built. To ensure both riders and non-riders have a voice in Scoot, Community Mode was born. 

See a Scoot knocked over? A missing mirror? Or, just want to say hi? Community Mode empowers everyone to be heard (and trust us, we listen). 

Community Mode can be easily accessed within the Scoot Kick app. Once the report has been made, it is directed to the appropriate Scoot team on the ground. This team then addresses the report, ensuring it’s been resolved. By giving you the power to engage with Scoot in real time, you can have a voice in creating safer, people-friendly streets!  

Community Mode is available in the Scoot Kick app. Simply download the app, and tap on the Community Mode ⚠ icon in the lower right-hand corner to share your report or contact our team of scooty Rider Reps! 

Keeping our vehicles in order is an important part of operating responsibly in our communities. With your help, we can make sure we have eyes all over the city. Thank you in advance!