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The Classic Scoots are Retiring!

September 14th, 2017

They say that one dog year equals seven human years. Well here’s a fun fact for you: one “Scoot year” equals 15 human years!

While we’d all love to go on working forever, there comes a time to step out of the scoot race. After 75 “Scoot years” of hard work and epic rides, it’s time to wish the Classics a happy retirement.

Classics were our very first type of scooter and they have offered thousands of riders millions of miles over the years. They are beloved for their timeless design, insane turning radius, zippy speed and cute horns.

As you take your last few rides on a Classic, give that horn an extra toot and thank it for all the good times. They’re off to drink margaritas in the Bahamas and play Scoot golf in the sun.

Never fear! Just as Cargo Scoots, Quads and new Scoots have been added to the fleet over the years, we’re always working on the next great (electric, of course!) vehicle to get you charged up and where you need to go.

Happy retirement, Classics!