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Changes in our service area

January 26th, 2017

You may have noticed a lot of new scoots on the street and in your Scoot App. It’s not your imagination. We have more than doubled the size of the fleet in the last few months, and that has made scooting easier for everyone!

To make sure our maintenance team can keep all these scoots repaired and recharged, we are changing our service area. Scoots will no longer be left on the steepest hills and in some quieter parts of the city. This will make scoots easier to service and easier to find.

Below is a map of the new service area. Scoot garages in these areas are not being closed as they help provide charged scoots to these parts of the city.

PS: Imagine you could end your Scoot ride at the parking meter right in front of your workplace or the store or the restaurant you are going to, without paying the meter, and just leaving it for the next rider to find. That would be pretty awesome right? Stay tuned for updates!


Answers to your questions:
Q: Where can I ride?
A: Scoots are for riding within the city of San Francisco. With a speed of 30mph and a range of 20 miles, scoots can go all over the 7×7. The easy way to think of the limits is to avoid all freeways and bridges. This means, no Golden Gate to the North, no Bay Bridge to the East and no Highway 101 or 280 to the South. All else is free for scooting!

Q: Where can I END my ride?
A: As long as you have a scoot reserved to you, you can park it anywhere. You can park in the lot at a grocery store while you shop, or at a meter (don’t forget to pay!) while you have a coffee. When you’re ready to END your ride (and end your reservation), you can do this at one of our 50+ Scoot garages around the city, or in a blue zone in a residential neighborhood. This is where the scoot will wait to be picked up by the next rider.

Q: What is your service area?
A: When we say “service area” we mean where you can END your ride on the street. These areas are in residential neighborhoods and are labeled in the app with “blue zones”. The 2-hour street parking limits do not apply to our electric scooters as long as you honor parking restrictions and street cleaning. These are the areas that we are changing.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: With so many more scoots it is harder for our maintenance team to repair all the scoots and keep them charged when they are parked all over the city, especially on steep hills. By reducing the area our maintenance team needs to cover, they will be able to keep the scoots in good shape and charged-up.

Q: Will you ever bring service back to these areas?
A: Yes. When we expand our maintenance team and add more charging locations to these areas, we will expand the street parking area again.

Q: Did you consider just charging me more for rides that go to these places, like a taxi would, so you could afford to hire more people to maintain and charge the scoots?
A: Yes, but we decided that the price difference would be too high for most of our riders to pay. There are lots of expensive transportation options in SF. We are not one of them.

Q: Are you hinting that someday I will be able to just end my ride at a meter downtown instead of having to go to a garage?
A: Yes, we are hinting.