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The Best Places to Play with Dogs in San Francisco

July 14th, 2016

If you love dogs as much as we do then you understand the constant scheme that is figuring out how to pet any dog we ever see. Short of carrying dog treats in our scoots at all times, we’ve figured out how to get stranger doggy cuddles down to a science! The following is a list of three tried-and-true locations where you can go to play with dogs to your heart’s content.

1. Precita Park: Lower Mission
Scoot loves Precita Park: It’s family friendly, dogs are allowed off-leash, there is a convenience store at the west end with an abundance of picnic supplies, and there is plenty of Scoot parking around! Find a spot around the middle of the park and dogs will be flocking to get a wiff of your cool self! Bring a tapestry and some water- it gets hot in those parts of the city!

precita park

Best time to go to Precita: A Friday after work or a Sunny weekend day

2. Crissy Field:  The Marina
Most people go to Crissy Field for the beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Little do they know this is also a paradise for petting dogs… On any given work-day there are plenty of dog-walkers with their own little herd of pups running around. Park your scoot near the Sports Basement, and take a walk around the field. You’re sure to be approached by a new four-legged buddy.

Running doggy

Best time to go to Crissy Field: Monday-Friday 10am-3pm

3. Lyon & Central at The Panhandle
Scoot has a theory that a secret dog owner society is headquartered in The Panhandle… Lucky for you, they have meetups between Lyon and Central almost every day! There is a lot of room to run around here so you have to very strategically position yourself: Bring a book and read while the lucky dog owners gather. Once there are a good amount of dogs around, walk through the middle of them with your most playful face on. Without fail, multiple dogs run up to you. Take this opportunity to get friendly with a dog and the owner might even let you play fetch!

The Panhandle

Best time to go to The Panhandle: Monday-Friday 3-6pm

4. Baker Beach: The Presidio
Few things are better than being at an amazing beach  with stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge surrounded by playful pups! Dogs are allowed off-leash at Baker Beach north of Lobos Creek and are often running their little hearts out. Go for a stroll up and down the shore and you will be sure to come across some smiling dogs who want nothing more than to play with you. sometimes baker beach can get a little cold in the late afternoon so go in the early afternoon for some sunny pup fun!

Baker beach doggos

Best time to go to Baker Beach: Saturday or Sunday 11-3

Remember, dogs are people too.

P.S. Even though dogs are people, they still require a driver’s license and opposable thumbs to operate a scoot.