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A day in the Bayview

October 4th, 2018

The Bayview is a hidden gem in the city that was previously outside of our motor scooter zone. Now that kicks are coming to San Francisco; you’ve unlocked a brand new neighborhood to explore! Here’s a little inspiration for your scoot out to the Bayview. Explore these three places, and don’t forget to stop at other spots that look interesting along the way!

Flora Grubb – Even if you’re not into plants (who doesn’t love succulents, though,) Flora Grubb is worth a tour. This massive space has plants of all shapes and sizes and even walking through it is entertaining. BONUS: there is a little Ritual Coffee bar inside. Grab some coffee, take a book, and sit amongst the greenery. Just make space for PIIIIZZAAA ⤵️

All Good Pizza – Come for the pizza, Stay for the live music, beautiful scenery, and great weather. With ample seating and a plant covered patio, All Good Pizza will surely become your go-to spot for a relaxed lunch. Did we mention live music? That’s right, (almost) every weekend a live band will delight your ears while your taste buds savor incredible Neapolitan style pizza. BONUS: Go there on a Saturday from 9-1 and get some local produce from the farmers market!

Craftsman and Wolves  –  Finish up the day at a fantastic bakery! Craftsman and Wolves second brick and mortar is in the Bayview. Get a yummy pastry, and if you’re feeling generous, you can donate a slice of pizza to a person in need. Buy yourself a second coffee drink, too because we could all use a little more caffeine in our diet!

When you’re done, hop on the T and Muni your way to back to downtown! Just don’t forget to park your scoot perfectly! The week of launch (October 15th – October 21st,) tag us in a picture of your scoot in the furniture zone using the hashtag #PerfectlyParkedScoot, and we’ll give you a free ride! Make sure your profile is public so we can see it on Instagram or Twitter⚡️