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5 million miles - 5 reasons to celebrate

July 5th, 2018

On June 29th Scoot quietly reached another important milestone in our journey to Electric Vehicles for Everyone. 5 Million miles. It’s a number 5 years in the making, and we couldn’t be more proud. But we’re done celebrating every time we break a million. Instead, we’re looking back at the last year’s successes. Here are five reasons to celebrate Scoot’s continued growth.

We launched in Barcelona

Barcelona is LIVE! In June we launched our second city, Barcelona, with 500 scooters and 1,000 e-bikes. We couldn’t be more excited to operate in the shadow of La Sagrada Família. Catch us zipping through La Rambla and parking on the sidewalk (It’s legal in Barcelona!)

Scoot’s San Francisco parking permit pilot is proving successful

This permit is what allows our users to park in between cars, at motorcycle meters, and at curbs in residential parking spaces. This permit made it possible for us to service SOMA and FIDI. The end result? Scooter use is booming!

We designed our own e-bike

Our mission is “Electric vehicles for everyone.” Offering electric bicycles allow us to reach more people at a lower price point and give our current riders a new, convenient option for electric transportation. There are currently 1,000 in Barcelona and we hope to bring them to San Francisco as soon as the SFMTA allows us to. In the meantime, catch us at an event this summer to take one for a spin!

Scoot grew to 50 employees. And then to 100

It took us 4 years to hit the 50 employee mark. But adding another 50 only took us a couple months… and another city. We’re growing fast and expanding everywhere. Want to join us?

We moved offices

The days of scrappy start-up offices are no more. Scoot has officially moved into a swanky new office with more space, central air, and tons of skylights! We couldn’t be more excited, and we can’t wait to have offices all over the world.

Thanks for following our journey. We’ll see you at 10 million!