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Four Million!

January 12th, 2018

A mere 11 months ago we were raving about a significant milestone for Scoot, 2 million miles. Since then, the number on our virtual odometer has doubled! That’s right, today we’re celebrating 4 million electric miles traveled!

To recap: It took our riders three years to get to 1 million miles, just 12 months after that, we hit 2 million miles. In mid-2017 you guys blew past 3 million so fast that we barely even noticed. Five months later, we’ve made it to 4 million!

Our riders are accelerating the solution to our ever-present climate change crisis- Scoot Nation has ridden the equivalent of 160 times around the world. In doing so, we’ve eliminated more than 3.9M pounds of carbon. That’s the equivalent of recycling 1 million pounds of waste! If we did all of this in one relatively tiny city, just imagine what a Scoot network in every major city can accomplish… that’s the goal; Electric Vehicles for Everyone.

In celebration of these fantastic numbers, we gave one lucky rider a free month on the unlimited plan. Check our Instagram to see if you won.

We’ve got an electrifying year ahead of us. Thank you for coming along- we’ll see you at 5M!