The Mobility Operating System for Light Electric Vehicles

Everything you need to start, operate, and grow an e-mobility service.

More than just fleet management:

The Scoot Mobility Operating System

Scoot partners with established transportation organizations to provide networked, smartphone-activated, rental-adapted vehicles, management technology, and performance management services.

Learn how Scoot MOS can help you run your shared LEV service


The Rider App

Self-service vehicle access (also called “sharing” or “libre-service”)

  • Locates and reserves vehicles
  • Activates vehicles without using keys
  • Patented ability to act as the vehicle instruments (including speedometer and battery) during the ride

Multiple Vehicle Options

Several of the world’s leading LEVs are already integrated with the Scoot MOS dedicated electronics. Other vehicles can be easily added to the system.

Efficient Maintenance

Most LEV maintenance happens in the field and Scoot MOS is designed to make field service efficient.

  • Mobile-optimized maintenance interfaces
  • Real-time job assignments

A Well-Managed Fleet

The Scoot MOS electronics and software deliver highly detailed reporting, letting you know everything about your fleet at all times.

  • Real-time vehicle data to support maintenance, customer service, and analytics
  • Define free-float service areas and dedicated parking and charging spaces
  • Manage recharging and battery swapping operations

Happy Customers

Scoot MOS provides built-in self-help tools for customers and integrates with leading third-party customer support packages.

  • Customers can easily access your customer support via call, text, and email through the rider app.
  • A full suite of self-help tools including instructional video, safety tips, and account management for customers

Smart Decisions

Experienced Scoot staff, including experts in operations and service, will train your team on the Scoot MOS platform and running a world class LEV service. We will advise you on hiring the right staff, finding the best customers, and setting up your operation for success.

Ready to bring the future of transportation to your city?

Scoot MOS was created by Scoot Networks

Launched in 2012, Scoot Networks was the first self-service e-scooter network. Scoot vehicles have logged more than 3,000,000 kilometers in hundreds of thousands of rides with tens of thousands of riders on hundreds of vehicles. Scoot MOS is the only technology solution created by people who actually operate an LEV service and know what other operators need.

Scoot is headquartered in San Francisco at the center of transportation technology innovation. The company remains the leader in LEV management technology by working with the city’s tech talent, startups, and early adopters, as well as through partnerships with global LEV manufacturers.

At Scoot, our mission is Electric Vehicles for Everyone. We offer Scoot MOS to you so you can offer electric vehicles to everyone in your city and make your business a great success.

– Michael Keating, Scoot Founder & CEO


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