A scoot is an electric motor scooter that you activate with your phone to ride anywhere in the city. This is the Scoot Classic.


• Top speed of 30 MPH
• Range of 25 city miles


• $0.30 of electricity  to fill ‘er up from a normal wall outlet
• So efficient, it uses as much power as your toaster to carry you all over town
• Gets the equivalent of 600 MPG (after doing the math to convert the electrical energy to dirty gas equivalent)
• Produces 2% of the CO2 per mile of a car (including the emissions from the power plants that make the electricity)


• No motorcycle license required
• One rider (no passengers)
• Motorcycle helmet is required (and provided with every scoot)
• No freeways, bridges, or roads with speed limits over 40 MPH
• No riding in bike lanes
• In California, rentals longer than 48 hours require a moped or motorcycle license


• $3 up to 30 min, 10¢ per minute afterwards