About Us

We are Scoot

We make it easy, fast, and fun for you to get where you need to go in the city. Our scoots are shared, electric, smartphone-activated vehicles. If you can drive a car and ride a bike, you can scoot!

We make life in the city better
Scoots are fast, cheap, and easy to park, so they are good for you. They are clean and efficient so they are good for the planet. And they don’t take up much space on the street, which is good for everyone else.

We are passionate and dedicated
We are city slickers, gearheads, tree huggers, and teachers who love our jobs, love our riders, and love the way Scoot is changing how we all get around the city.

Scoot is led by Justin Dawe (CEO), Michael Keating (Founder and President), Carly Keller (Chief of Staff), António Mendonça (SVP of Operations), Katie DeWitt (VP of Product), Corey Gilgan (VP of Vehicle Programs), Mar Pallàs Poy (VP of Europe Market Development), Steve Rodriguez (VP of Growth), Sunaina Seelam (VP of Finance), and Brooke Tandy (VP of People Operations). Our offices are led by Agustin Amoretti (Santiago City Manager), Gerard Gomà (Barcelona City Manager) and Ali Gueye Neveu (San Francisco City Manager).

Want to join the team?
We’re looking for more folks who love scooters, love people, love the city, and love the planet — check our open positions here.

Want to chat about anything else?
Send us an email at hi@scoot.co and our local customer care team will help you out.

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