RULES SCHEDULE – San Francisco

In addition to the rules and obligations set forth in the Membership Agreement, Members are required to abide by the rules set forth in this Rules Schedule. By becoming a Member, you are deemed to have accepted and agree to abide by the rules set forth below. Failure to abide by this Rules Schedule may result in suspension or termination of your Membership.

Capitalized terms used herein, shall have the same meaning as given in the Membership Agreement.

Who May Operate a Scoot

Only Members in good standing may operate a Scoot. Non-Members are expressly prohibited from operating a Scoot. Subletting or re-letting of the Scoot to another person, even to another Member, is expressly prohibited.

Only persons over the age of 18 may become a Member and may operate a Scoot.

Persons over 250 pounds may not operate a Scoot, Scoot Classic or Scoot Cargo, as such weight exceeds the maximum weight limit for a Scoot. 

Only one person may ride a Scoot at a time.

Members without a motorcycle license (M1) or moped license (M2) are prohibited from renting a Scoot, Scoot Classic or Scoot Cargo in California for more than 48 hours at a time. 

Prohibited Uses

Scoots shall not be used as follows:

By anyone not wearing a helmet;

To carry a passenger, unless the member has a motorcycle license and the vehicle is designed to carry two people (scoot, scoot cargo and scoot classic cannot carry passengers);

To propel or tow any vehicle, trailer, or other object;

To instruct any person in the operation of a scoot;

To “lane split” in moving traffic – riding between lanes of traffic or lanes of traffic and parking in order to pass other vehicles while those vehicles are also moving;

To ride in designated bicycle lanes;

To transport animals of any kind or nature, living or otherwise;

During a race, competition or to perform tricks;

For the primary purpose of transporting people or operating a taxi service;

By a Member while under the influence of drugs or alcohol;

During the commission of a crime or other illegal activity;

In a negligent or abusive manner or for any use outside the scope of a Scoot’s intended purpose (violating a traffic law, or receiving a ticket in an accident is not automatically a violation of this provision, but may be an indication that a violation of this provision has occurred);

By anyone who has provided Scoot with false information in order to become or remain a Member;

Outside the boundaries of the City of San Francisco, on the Golden Gate Bridge or Bay Bridge, on roads with speed limits over 35 MPH such as freeways or grade-separate highways, on unpaved roads, on sidewalks or in bicycle lanes;

To carry over 40 pounds of cargo;

While there is inclement weather, including heavy rain, snow, electrical storms or strong wind, which make it more dangerous to operate a Scoot; or

While texting, emailing, using a cell phone, or otherwise using a mobile device other than to operate the Scoot that may distract from driving safely or otherwise engaging in any activity that may be prohibited by law.

The foregoing list is not intended to be exhaustive and any unreasonable or inappropriate use of a Scoot, as determined by Scoot Networks in its sole discretion, or any violation of law will be deemed to be a violation of this Rules Schedule.

Reserving Scoots

Scoots are available to Members on a first-come-first-served basis or via reservation.

Members using a Scoot on a first-come-first-served basis will be billed for the time they use the Scoot according to the Rate Schedule.

If a reservation is made available by Scoot Networks, Members shall make such reservation via the Site or an App in advance of use and will be billed at the time of the reservation. Reservations can be extended via the Site or App. Members may cancel or change an existing reservation via the Site or App until fifteen minutes after the reservation was made.

Scoot Use

Member must return the scoot to a Scoot location with available parking selected via the app, secured, clean and in good working condition, and plug the scoot into a power outlet if one is available at the Scoot location.

Member is responsible for ensuring that a Scoot retains enough charge to be returned by Member to its designated location during a Member’s use of such Scoot. If Member fails to so ensure, Member will be solely responsible for the reasonable cost incurred by Scoot Networks to return the Scoot to its designated location.

Prior to taking possession of a Scoot, Member must inspect the Scoot for evidence of damage and disrepair (e.g., obvious dents, flat tires, out of service brake lights, turn signals, and working brakes). If any damage or disrepair is discovered, Member must notify Scoot Networks immediately to avoid being held responsible for such damage or disrepair. If Member fails to report any evidence of damage prior to using the Scoot, Member may be liable for the cost of repairing the Scoot. For Member’s own safety, Member is prohibited from operating a Scoot if any of the following equipment is not in good working order: tires, brakes, lights and signals, or mirrors.

Members are responsible for all charges and costs incurred, and any damages, related to the Scoot from the time a Member activates a Scoot until the Scoot is returned and secured at its designated location.

Members must operate the Scoot in accordance with the Orientation received and any operation manuals provided by Scoot Networks.

Member must notify Scoot Networks immediately in the event that the Scoot: malfunctions; is damaged; or is stolen. In the event that, through no fault of Member, the Scoot malfunctions or is damaged to an extent that it is no longer serviceable and Member is no longer able to return the Scoot to its designated location or the Scoot is stolen, the Member may use an alternate form of transportation, like a taxi, and Scoot will give the Member ride credit of up to $10.

Member is responsible for any violations, including but not limited to traffic violations incurred, including fines for late payment and any processing fees, due to Member’s use of a Scoot. Member agrees to pay for all violations incurred. Such violations must be reported to Scoot Networks as soon as reasonably possible, but in any event, in advance of the deadline to respond to the notice of violation. If Member fails to pay for any violations incurred, and Scoot Networks pays such violations, member agrees that Scoot Networks may charge member’s payment method on record in accordance with the Agreement.


This schedule will be changed from time to time as Scoot Networks makes changes to its service.

Please refer to for the most up to date rates.

$0-79 one-time signup fee.


Fees and Penalties

Not plugging your scoot in: $10. If you don’t plug in your Scoot and you could have at the Scoot location where you parked it, it won’t be ready for another person to ride, which is bad for them and bad for Scoot, so we will charge you a $10 fee to plug it in. In cases when you can’t plug in, you will not be charged.

Parking citations or traffic violations during or after your scoot trip: +$10. You are responsible for any parking citations or traffic violations that occur as a result of your use of a scoot during your ride or after you drop off. If you get a ticket and know it, please go ahead and pay it, and let Scoot know. Otherwise, Scoot will get a bill and we’ll add the ticket to your account, plus a $10 service fee. If you attempt to dispute a ticket with the issuing authority, you must pay Scoot first and we’ll refund the payment only if you’re successful in your dispute. Please know that Scoot gets notices of citations in bulk and it may take more than a month before we notify you of your citation. When in doubt, park carefully.

Parking at a Scoot Garage without reserving your space: $50. If you do not use the app to reserve your parking space at a Scoot location, you might be parking in someone else’s space, and we may have to move your scoot for you, so we will charge you a $50 fee.

Ending your ride on the street outside of a Blue Zone: $50+. If you end your ride and leave your scoot on the street outside of our designated on-street parking areas (Blue Zones on the map in the app), we will have to go get it and bring it back, so we will charge you a fee for that. You are responsible for any tickets or parking violations on that scoot until we retrieve it.

Leaving your scoot unlocked: $25. If you forget to lock up your Scoot (including the seat, helmet box, and handlebars or center stand), the scoot could get stolen, which is bad. We will charge you a $25 fee for re-securing your scoot.

Getting towed: $400+. You are responsible for paying tickets and towing fees that occur as a result of your use of a scoot during your ride or after you drop off. You will have to pay any tickets and towing fees — usually more than $400 (yikes!) — plus a $50 fee for us to rescue the scoot from the tow lot. You will be charged right after Scoot pays the towing fee and parking citation. If you dispute the towing charges with the authority that towed the scoot and you succeed, Scoot will refund your towing fees and any citations if you provide proof. Don’t get towed!

Safety violations: $25+. If you ride without a helmet, carry a passenger, let someone else ride your scoot, or use your scoot in any other way that is unsafe to you or others, including moving violations while scooting, we will charge you a $25 fee and may limit your use of the service.

Lost/damaged helmet: $75. If you lose or damage a helmet to a scoot, or accidentally take a helmet home with you after your ride, we will charge you $75 per item to replace it. If you return the helmet you will only be charged for the scoot rental time between when you took the helmet and when it is returned.

Damage Fee/Deductible: Up to $500. Accidents happen. If you report the damage to Scoot we will not charge you more than this amounts (and usually much less). We don’t make money on repairs and often give Members discounts.

Stolen Scoot: If your Scoot is stolen during your rental and we are unable to recover the vehicle through our tracking technology or other means, Scoot Networks may charge you $500 for the scoot. If your Scoot is stolen due to your actions, you may be liable for up to $5,000 for a scoot, scoot classic or scoot cargo.