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Disney Museum and Boat Watching

Pack a Lunch
The Presidio

Walt Disney is a name ubiquitous in American culture. Every generation since the 1920’s silent era has been influenced in one way or another by the castle built by Walt Disney himself. The Walt Disney Family Museum, opened in 2009, is a non-profit organization honoring the life and legacy of Mr. Disney himself. Time hop back to your childhood, then reflect upon your museum experience while gazing out at the boats floating around the bay.

1. Pack or buy a lunch for your post-museum feast.

2. Pick up your scoots and head to the Walt Disney Family Museum by taking Clay St. to Arguello. Ride down through the Presidio.

3. Explore the museum in all it’s glory. Learn about the history of Disney and make sure you check out the rotating exhibitions as well!

4. Hop back on your scoots, ride towards St. Francis Yacht Club, park off Yacht Rd., and find an open bench to sit on.

5. Enjoy your lunch while watching the boats on the bay.

Still in the mood to explore? Stop by the Wave Organ. It’s just a short hike away!

4 Miles
4 Hours
Scoot to it
Scoot to it
-122.43864 37.77365
-122.45807 37.80115
-122.44801 37.80657
-122.43864 37.77365
-122.45807 37.80115
-122.44801 37.80657