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Rainbow Grocery

1745 Folsom St.
The Mission

Need some groceries? Take it as an opportunity to hop on a Cargo and scoot to the Mission’s own Rainbow Grocery! What’s better than feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin as you run errands??

1. Reserve and pick up a Cargo at any garage near your home. Select “round trip back here” so you save a parking spot for when you come back.
2. Head towards The Mission.
3. The parking lot adjacent to the building is often full. If this is the case, you can find street parking near Rainbow Grocery or go to their second lot at 12th and Kissling.
4. Buy all the groceries you can carry! A Cargo can haul 40lbs of stuff, so go wild!
5. Hop back on your scoot with all your loot and head back home.
6. Park as close as you can to your house and unload your groceries.
7. Return your scoot at the garage where you picked it up! Or, if you’re ending your ride on the street, just check the street cleaning info and tap ‘End’.
8. Reward yourself with a home cooked dinner with all the ingredients that you just bought!

2 miles
30 minutes
Scoot to it!
Scoot to it!

Rainbow Grocery is a worker-owned co-op established in 1975. They’ve had a colorful history and now play a part in keeping San Francisco a healthy city. When shopping there you can be sure that you are helping a small business and the money you spend is going to go back into helping the community.

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