Get scooting today — and start loving how you get around SF


If you’re from the Bay Area join Scoot today for $5 and get 2 free scooting hours and a free Scoot lesson. No motorcycle license needed!

Scoot has no monthly fees. You can ride scoots up to 30 minutes for $3, and 10¢ every minute after. During commute hours, rides up to 30 minutes are $5. Quad prices are $6 up to 30 minutes and 20¢ each minute afterwards.

Commute Hours: M-F, 7am-10am, 4pm-7pm


Start riding today!

You can always change plans in your Scoot account.

To become a member, you:

  • do NOT need a motorcycle license
  • need to live or work in the Bay Area
  • must be 21 or older
  • must have a US driver’s license
  • cannot have more than one accident/moving violation in the last three years

Not from the Bay? Check out Scoot our 2-Day Pass for visitors to SF »