Partnerships — we want to work with you!

We have partners of all shapes and sizes, find out more about the following:

  • Private Fleets, Company Accounts, and Corporate Discounts
  • Licensing Scoot Technology
  • Vehicle Manufacturers

Private Fleets, Company Accounts, and Corporate Discounts

On-demand electric vehicles are the most versatile, efficient and expedient form of urban transportation. They can give your organization an edge in:

  • Making deliveries
  • Serving customers
  • Employee transportation

Easy to ride, low-maintenance, eco-friendly, constantly monitored, and shared by your team, scoots can accelerate your organization’s success.

To get your own fleet of scoots, discounted Scoot access for your team, or to use the Scoot Vehicle Access Platform to manage the fleet you already have, contact us at

Licensing Scoot Technology

We consider requests from potential operating partners to use our vehicles, technology, or service model on a case-by-case basis.

Operating an on-demand, urban, light electric vehicle network is a highly complex business requiring considerable experience in service operations, fleet management, and consumer marketing, as well as financing for vehicles and working capital. Only established organizations with a successful track record in transportation or consumer services should consider this kind of venture.

Having said that, there are many cities in the world that need scoot networks and only one Scoot. If your organization is qualified and prepared to invest the capital, talent, and time required, we would like to hear from you. Send us a note at In particular, please tell us what cities you are interested in operating in, why you believe a scoot network would succeed in these cities, how your organization will make it successful, and what aspects of the operation we can help with (vehicles, technology, service implementation, branding).

Every city should have a scoot network. Working together, we can make that happen.

Scoot Vehicles

Scoot offers a range of light electric vehicles to our riders and partner fleet operators.

The following vehicles are currently available in the Scoot service or have been tested for integration with the Scoot Vehicle Access Platform for use in partner fleets or in future Scoot cities.

Name Top speed Range Riders Features
Scoot Classic 30 MPH/45 KPH 25 miles/40 kilometers 1 Exchangeable battery
Scoot 30 MPH/45 KPH 20 miles/30 kilometers 1 Keyless via locking center stand
& exchangeable battery
Scoot Cargo 30 MPH/45 KPH 15 miles/25 kilometers 1 Exchangeable battery
Scoot Quad 25 MPH/40 KPH 40 miles/65 kilometers 2 Keyless

We regularly evaluate new vehicles for inclusion on our platform. If your company has a mass-produced light electric vehicle you think our riders would want to use, we would like to hear about it

If your vehicle is a prototype or not yet in production, we would be happy to try it and give feedback, but we will not buy it. Note that we only offer plug-in electric vehicles (no hybrids, combustion, fuel cell, etc.) and we do not offer cars.