Shared electric vehicles are the future

Partner with Scoot to get there first

Scoot, the world’s first shared light electric vehicle service, is expanding beyond San Francisco and choosing partners to bring the future of transportation to new cities.

Can your organization be a part of the shared EV phenomenon?

Vehicle service & maintenance providers

Thousands of shared electric vehicles are coming to your city. They will spend millions of dollars every year on maintenance alone. Want to tap into this massive opportunity?

Parking garages & charging networks

Thousands of shared electric vehicles need places to park and recharge in your city. Your garages can increase revenue while becoming greener operations. Scoot partners with leading parking operators like you.

Vehicle Manufacturers

Connected, shared, electric vehicles are the future of transportation. You make great electric vehicles and Scoot will make them connected and shared using the Scoot Mobility Operating System. Join global light electric vehicles leaders on the #1 platform for light electric mobility.

Transportation service providers

Shared light electric vehicles (LEVs) are the ultimate last-mile solution: Affordable, fast, and one-way. Scoot vehicles have traveled over 6,000,000 electric kilometers (that's a lot of last-miles!). Scoot offers APIs to integrate with other transportation services such as public transit agencies.


The biggest opportunity in the $1 trillion personal urban mobility market is shared electric vehicles. Your city will have thousands of them. Qualified investors can finance vehicles or become partners in shared electric fleets.

Local governments

Shared light electric vehicles (LEVs) are the answer to parking, street safety, pollution, and climate change challenges. By offering zero-emission vehicles that are compact and affordable to all, you have a no-compromises new transportation offering for your citizens that you can deploy this year.


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