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Street Parking

Scoots can park on the street in neighborhoods with Residential Street Parking (RPP). These places are marked by blue zones in the app. People pick up and drop off in the blue zones every day, so street parking availability is constantly changing!


There are over 50 garages in San Francisco with reserved scoot parking. Most garages have powered parking spaces to plug in scoots and keep the fleet charged. Learn more about specific garages in the app!


These icons represent a scoot that is parked on the street. You can find these scoots throughout the blue zones. Find them on the Scoot app and reserve your ride!


There are over 500 scoots across San Francisco just waiting for you to ride. All rides are one-way, meaning you can pick-up and drop off where ever you want. Find scoots parked on the street in residential neighborhoods and in garages all across the city. Keep an eye out as new parking locations are added all the time!


Garages can be public parking garages, businesses with parking lots, or residential buildings with keypads to enter the garage. Look for the signs that say “Scoot Parking”. Remember to reserve your spot in advance when ending your ride at a garage!

Neighborhood Street Parking

Scoot can be picked up or dropped off on the street in blue zones marked in the Scoot app. Parking on the street is really convenient and only requires that you make sure that there isn’t street cleaning in the next 48 hours. When parking on the street, always give cars and driveways 2 feet of room, park at 90º to the curb, and take advantage of “curblets” (shorter spots where cars don’t fit)

Scoot Neighborhoods