Rate Schedule

Last Updated: 07/19/2019

In addition to the rules and obligations set forth in the Terms, Users are required to abide by the terms set forth in this Rate Schedule, which may be revised by Scoot, in its sole discretion at any time and without prior notice. By accepting the Terms, becoming a User, and using the Services, you are deemed to have accepted and agree to abide by the rates set forth below. Failure to pay the rates as set forth in this Rate Schedule or failure to abide by any of the Terms may result in suspension or termination of your User Account. Users are responsible for reviewing the price estimates before riding and reviewing changes to ride costs emailed, posted in the App, or otherwise communicated to the User. Capitalized terms used herein, shall have the same meanings as given in the Terms.


Price rates may vary based on the LEV’s charge level, the User’s parking destination, the time of day, availability of LEVs, and other relevant factors. Some rides may be further discounted based on Scoot’ discretion.

Market Motor-Scooter
San Francisco Bay Area $4 for 15 minutes + $0.10/minute


2.1. Citation Service Fee

You are responsible for any fees associated with parking or traffic violations that occur as a result of your use of a Scoot LEV during your ride or after you drop off.

If you receive a citation, please pay it and notify us via email. Otherwise, once we receive the citation we will add it to your account, along with a service fee of $10. Scoot receives citations in bulk and it may take more than a month before we can notify you of a citation.

If you attempt to dispute a citation with the issuing authority, you must pay Scoot first and we’ll refund the payment if you’re successful in your dispute.

2.2. Vehicle Plug-In Fee

If you return your LEV to a Scoot location that offers charging, you must plug in to ensure the vehicle is ready for the next person. If you fail to plug in the vehicle, Scoot may charge a $10 fee. In cases when you cannot plug in the vehicle, you will not be charged.

2.3. Vehicle Rearrange Fee

If you return your LEV to a Scoot garage without reserving a space, you may be preventing another User from accessing the garage. If we need to move your LEV for you, we may charge a $50 fee.

2.4. Vehicle Rescue Fee

If you end your ride and leave your LEV on the street outside of our designated parking areas (highlighted on the map, in the App), we will have to go get it and bring it back, so we may charge $50 fee and any applicable tolls. In addition, you are responsible for any tickets or parking violations on that LEV until we retrieve it.

2.5. Vehicle Security Fee

If your LEV has a locking mechanism (such as a seat, helmet box, handlebars, centerstand, or kickstand) and you forget to lock your LEV locking mechanism, the LEV could get stolen, so we may charge you a $25 fee for re-securing your LEV.

2.6. Unsafe Riding Fee

If you ride without a helmet, carry a passenger, let someone else ride your Scoot LEV, or use your LEV in any other way that is unsafe to you or others, including moving violations while riding, we may charge you a $25 fee and limit your use of the service.

2.7. Helmet Replacement Fee

If you lose or damage a helmet provided by Scoot, or accidentally take a helmet home with you after your ride, we may charge you $75 per item to replace it. If you return the helmet you will only be charged for the LEV usage time between when you took the helmet and when it is returned.

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