Where will we scoot to next?

We launched in San Francisco in late 2012 and today operate 400 vehicles ridden by thousands of riders. Our plans for San Francisco go far beyond that, and our plans for Scoot go far beyond San Francisco.

We plan to bring Scoot to every major city in the world. If you are a public official or represent a major local institution or employer and you would like to see Scoot in your city, we would be happy to hear from you at nextcity@scootnetworks.com.

We will be announcing new Scoot cities in the coming months.

Some of the benefits Scoot will bring to your city:

  • Scoot will reduce air pollution in your city. All Scoots are zero-emission, electric vehicles.
  • Scoot will reduce your city’s carbon footprint. Scoots are much more energy efficient than any other motor vehicle, including nearly all forms of mass transit.
  • Most Scoot rides are taken instead of trips in personal cars or car services, reducing traffic and pollution.
  • Many Scoot riders have actually given up their personal cars since starting to use Scoot, and many others tell us that having access to Scoot has kept them from needing to buy a car.
  • A Scoot ride is the same price as a bus ride, bringing fast, personal transportation within reach of people who don’t want to spend $10-20 on a taxi or car service.
  • 5 Scoots can fit in one car parking space, and usually park in places that can’t fit a car. And Scoots are shared by thousands of people, helping your city make better use of limited parking.
  • Scoots are much safer for your city than cars and taxis. In several years of scooting in San Francisco, no Scoot rider has ever caused the injury of another person.


Contact us to learn when Scoot is coming to your city.