Make more deliveries, make more money

Reserve with your smartphone

Find a scoot on the street or in one of our 50 charging locations

Swap for free

Ride a scoot until the battery is depleted, then grab a new one

No motorcycle license required

Helmets are included

Couriers use Scoot to make deliveries all over San Francisco. No more traffic, circling for parking or slogging up big hills.

With over 50 garages and on-street parking all over the city, being a courier who rides Scoot is easy, convenient and fun. And more deliveries per hour means more money in your pocket.

We have a membership plan designed specifically for couriers: No monthly fee, unlimited swaps, and up to 12 hours of riding for just $24*

*Minimum of one 3-hour ride per week to qualify for the plan.

Reach out to to sign up for the courier plan today.