Scoot powers a suite of light electric vehicles to get people around cities

Scoot makes it easy, fast, and fun for you to get where you need to go in the city. Our scoots are shared, electric, smartphone-activated motor scooters. They are also clean and efficient so they are good for the planet. If you can drive a car or ride a bike, you can scoot!

Powered by Scoot MOS with our partners

  • Keyless
  • 60L Cargo Box

The Scoot

The Scoot is the flagship vehicle of the fleet. It has a large cargo box that can fit a full bag of groceries or a large backpack. Top speed is 30 MPH with an average range of 20 city miles.


  • 5HP
  • Compact Design

The Classic

The Classic was the first scoot to hit the streets. They're compact, light and have top speed of 30 MPH with an average range of 20 city miles.


  • Great for Larger Loads
  • XL 90L Cargo Box

The Cargo

The Cargo has the largest carrying capacity in the fleet. It totes a 90 liter cargo box, with enough space to fit 6 six-packs, 4 pizzas, or 30 pints of ice cream. Top speed is of 30 MPH with an average range of 25 city miles.


  • Backseat for Passenger
  • Stereo System (AUX)

The Quad

The Quad is a mini electric car that can carry two people. Top speed is of 25 MPH with an average range of 40 city miles. Grab a friend and get ready to explore the city in a whole new way. Don't forget to plug your phone into the stereo system!