Deliver on a scoot

Couriers who ride scoots are faster, more efficient, and make more money!

Delivery on a Scoot

“It’s the ultimate food delivery vehicle. Unlike a car you don’t have to worry about parking and you don’t have to sit in traffic, and unlike a bike you don’t have to suffer up any hills. It’s like magic.”

– David Oates, #1 delivery driver for DoorDash, October 2015

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Couriers use Scoot to get from point to point faster than anything in San Francisco. Cut through traffic and forget about parking worries.

There are over 40 charging stations in San Francisco where you can pick up a scoot to start your shift or to swap for another scoot if yours gets low. Scoots go up to 30 mph (which is still faster than most traffic in SF) and can carry over 100 lbs of cargo (but maybe not on your first day).

We have a membership plan designed specifically for couriers. No monthly fee, unlimited swaps, and up to 8 hours of riding for just $20.

Monthly membership $0
Half-hour pricing (1 hour minimum) $2
Flat rate for  8 hour period $20


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