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Scoot comes to Barcelona!

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How Scoot works

  • Download the app
  • Create your account and get certified
  • Locate, reserve and turn on your vehicle with your phone
  • Pickup and drop off all over town

Take a bike!

Custom designed by us, the electric bicycle comes with pedal assist to make every ride a piece of cake. A flexible lock allows you to end your ride at any bike rack.

Electric scooters

Made in Barcelona, our electric motor scooters are fun, fast and environmentally friendly. They are designed to take a passenger and come with two helmets.

Where can I ride?

Pickup and drop off your scoot anywhere in our “scoot zone”. All vehicles are dockless and easy to park.

How much does it cost?

Scoots are fun, fast and affordable. Both vehicles are free to unlock. The e-bike costs 0,15€/minute and the moto costs 0,28€/minute. No surge pricing!

Stories from the road

Scoot is on the move. Keep up to date with our blog.

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Get the app and ride

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