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Scooting with friends is fun! Start your ride at a garage or neighborhood with lots of scoots and pick a destination. We’ve come up with one to kick-start your imagination…


Learn to scoot in the Sunset!
Golden Gate Park & Pho

Learn to scoot on the windy roads of Golden Gate Park.

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Scoot Commute: Marina to SOMA
Save time
Enjoy your morning

This is the tried and true commute from The Marina to SOMA

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Gyms near Scoot garages
Get Fit
Have Fun

Scoot's favorite gyms near Garages!

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Scoot’s favorite places to see the sunset
All over town
Bring a blanket

What happens when you combine great views with a huge ball of fire? Click here to find out

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Get into the spirit
Holiday Lights Galore
Bundle up
All of the lights!

Gather your friends, toss some hot chocolate in a thermos, and get ready to light up San Francisco like never before.

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Movie Theaters in San Francisco
Stay Warm!
Watch a Movie

From obscure movies to blockbusters, we've wrangles up a list of the best theaters in town that are super easy to scoot to!

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Scoot into the Holiday Spirit
Ice Skating
Holiday Lights

The lights are shining, the songs are festive, and good feelings are in full swing! Take a scoot and enjoy the seasonal ice skating, have a warm holiday drink, and cap the night in a new neighborhood decorated for the season!

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Vampires love it
Late Night Scoot Adventure
Donuts and Views
No Traffic

Not sleepy? No problem. Take this late night ride and see San Francisco at its calmest. No sun, no traffic, more fun!

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Carnival food, ice cream, and arcades!
Carnival Food and Arcade Birthday Ride!
Greasy Food
Games and Toys

It doesn't have to be someone's birthday for you to feel like a kid again! Eat greasy food and play with action figures and arcade games, all on a scoot!

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Tender tacos on two wheels!
Eat as Many Unique SF Tacos as You Can
Bring Water
Ride Hungry

Grab your friends and take this ride around San Francisco and experience Korean taco fusion, blue tortilla tacos, and, of-course, SF's best taco joint.

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Beets, sprouts, asparagus oh my!
San Francisco Farmers’ Markets
Bring a Bag

Farmers' Markets are bountiful in San Francisco! We've got a list of all the good ones so you can hop on a scoot, visit a cool new neighborhood, and replenish that produce drawer!

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Mickey Mouse is waiting
Disney Museum and Boat Watching
Pack a Lunch
The Presidio

Relive the glory days of your childhood at the magical Walt Disney Family Museum and have a lunch while watching boats cross under the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Deals and steals on two wheels.
Shop the Best Thrift Stores in SF
The Richmond to The Mission
Bring a reusable bag!

Take this ride to explore San Francisco's best Thrift stores. With two big stores and two small ones, you are sure to find everything your heart desires!

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Don't forget your bags!
Rainbow Grocery
1745 Folsom St.
The Mission

What could be better than feeling wind in your hair and the sun on your skin as you run errands and learn an awesome new skill?

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Rumble Rumble Toot Toot
The Wave Organ
St. Francis Yacht Club
Marina Green

Scoot to the marina green and take some time to enjoy the sounds of a unique sculpture and gaze out at the ocean to Alcatraz.

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Built in 1896 burnt in 1966
Sutro Baths
Historic ruins
Discover Clement St.

Grab a book and go on a sunny day for some peaceful oceanside reading or go after dark for a spooky hike around historic ruins.

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A romantic getaway
Picnic at Memorial Grove
Hidden bliss
Golden Gate Park

Follow this ride if you’re looking for a unique and secluded place in San Francisco to have a picnic with your special person.

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Take in GGB
Best Views of the Golden Gate Bridge
Take in the GGB

Explore every nook and cranny of the Presidio to take in majestic views of the Golden Gate Bridge. End at gorgeous Baker Beach for the best view of all!

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Get your game on!
Get Your Game On!
Start: Nopa
End: the Mission

Ready to test your hand-eye-coordination? Add some friendly competition to your weekend with this group ride around Nopa and into the Mission.

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Explore the park!
Lands End & Park Ride
Wear hiking shoes
Bring a camera

Eat, hike, boat and drink with this tour of the northwest quadrant of San Francisco. This is the ride for the outdoorsy and ocean loving scoot riders.

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Don't know how to ride a scoot? That's a-ok! We teach everyone how it works - either online with videos or in-person!
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