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About Scoot

Scoot is one of the world’s largest operators of shared electric vehicles providing a vital transportation solution to the people of San Francisco.

Over 700 scoots can be found riding through town or parked on the street in the busiest neighborhoods of San Francisco.

Our riders have ridden over 3.5 million miles and counting.

Custom wrapping options

Price Comparison
Medium Running time (4 weeks) Production (one-time) Total Cost
Pedicab $1,340 $500 $1,840
Bus Full Wrap $3,000 n/a $3,000
Wrapify $2,000 $2,000 $4,000
Double Decker Bus $35,000 n/a $35,000
Scoot Helmet Box Wrap $700 $200 $900
Scoot Full Wrap $1,000 $500 $1,500

*Prices above are examples. Scoot can work with your team & budget for a custom solution*

More information

  • 70% of riders are age 21 - 35
  • 40% of riders +$100k reported household income
  • 81% iPhone users, 19% Android users
  • Early adopters, high disposable income and discretionary spending